SoulMate Brewing 2 chairsSoulmate Investors

We are offering up to 25% of the company to investors;

  • Minimum investment: $250.00
  • Number of shares available: 57,222

The shares are convertible preferred shares. These shares will convert 3 for 1 three years after being issued. This means for every preferred share you own you will receive three common shares at the time of conversion.

Shares are limited so if you ever thought about being an owner of a brewing company now is a great opportunity to get in with Soulmate Brewing Company and enjoy the additional perks shareholders will receive.

To purchase shares including shareholder perks click the following link

 Some additional benefits of being a shareholder include:

  • Private shareholder appreciation events
  • Limited edition merchandise and art only available for shareholders
  • First access to limited batch creations
  • Automatically entered in all Soulmate Brewing promotions
  • Discounts on all soulmate offerings at the brewery and website (except where prohibited by law)

 Carol and I want to thank you for your support and welcome you to the Soulmate Brewing Company family as Soulmate Shareholders.


Our securities law firm:

Hatch Law & Consulting, PLC


Our accounting firm:

Hall & Holden P.C.

Certified & Registered Public Accountants

Waitsfield, Vermont