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Soulmates don’t necessarily have to be the person you marry. My best friend Scott R McHugh was my male soulmate. We met in High School when I moved from NJ to FL. There was only one open seat in the class when I arrived and it was next to Scott. As the teacher wrote my information down Scott introduced himself to me welcoming me to Florida. It felt as if we were twins born from the same mother. We both served in the US Navy after graduation at different duty stations and Scott stayed in the reserves after active duty. His reserve unit was sent to Iraq and ten days later we were notified he was killed along with other members in his unit. It was the largest casualty the US navy had since Vietnam. His unit was NMCB 14. Scott was a paramedic who loved his family, friends, animals and went into a career to help people.

Another gentle soul was Jeff Thorson who served in the US navy with me in Sardinia Italy. Jeff was a journalist on our ship who found himself years later with full army gear in action on patrols. Jeff, like Scott, stayed on in the reserves and was called to Afghanistan. Physically Jeff could handle the task but it took a toll on him emotionally. Ours was a friendship that lasted until Jeff had an allergic reaction between PTSD medication and an over the counter cold medicine.

My tribute to my brothers who are gone but never forgotten is to help Veterans who are injured, families who lost a service member in action or to PTSD, Police officers and firefighters who were injured or the families of these brave men and women who didn’t come home at the end of a shift. We have proceeds from our patriot tribute line of drinks and clothing going to support these wonderful people and their loved ones.


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We mentioned pets. In addition to our love for each other we absolutely love animals, rescue animals and the people who rescue, foster and adopt rescue animals. Soulmate brewing supports animal rescues. Proceeds from our pet themed beer line helps with the costs associated with rescuing animals from kill shelters. This includes medication, vet bills, food and transportation.


We are grateful for your support of the causes that are close to our hearts

Our Beers….Will be available after we are approved to begin production from the ATF.