SoulMate Brewing 2 chairsSoul Mates

Soulmate Brewing was born from a relationship between Carol and me, a couple who never would have met if not for all the roads we traveled in life which lead us both to be in Stowe, Vermont at the exact same time. Even being in the same small town, we never would have met without an online dating site. There was an instant spark when we met (story for another time) and that spark led to another date 4 days later that lasted 3 days. We have been together ever since creating many amazing memories.

Soulmate Brewing Company is much more than a beer brewing operation. We are a culmination of what is destined to be. Each of us will meet our soulmate at least once in a lifetime and if you recognize the signs you will find a level of happiness unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Our vision is to bring everyone together with our craft brew creations and who knows, you might just find the greatest moments of your life happened with a little help from your friends and soulmate specialists here at Soulmate Brewing Co.